Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good to be Back...

As you see, it has been a bit of time between my last postings. To make a long story very short, my day job carried me away from my night job very abruptly one day, and I did not even have time to say goodbye to my friends on here. I was surprised this blog still existed, since I never had time to attend to it in the Asian country I inhabited for two years. To spare you the details, I am now free from that position, and back living in the U.S. I would love to get reacquainted with some of my former clients. It's time to catch up. New clients would be great too. I have a lot of ideas that I will share in the next few days and weeks. Can't wait to hear some of yours..Until Then...TF

Thursday, November 12, 2009


My new blog is going to mostly detail the life I lead as an exclusive male companion. My dates, romances, friendships, travels, feelings and thoughts are all fair game. Sometimes, I want to change it up a little and talk about the days leading up to my dates. How do I prepare, spend my free time, and get my mind right for a perfect weekend.

On the surface, being a male companion seems like a sweet gig. You get to wine and dine in hot establishments, visit great vacation spots, and not have to spend anything.. You are getting paid. You get to spend your evenings and weekends with some of the most beautiful and eligible women in the country. Most of them really have their act together, and I would say that single fact is why they've contracted you. They have such a busy lifestyle, there is no time to find a decent man.

The question is though, what could be so difficult about this job? When I say, we pay for the weekend eventually, I mean in the weight rooms, treadmills, running tracks, swimming pools, or boxing rings. Your choice of exercise is irrelevant, but it is indeed necessary. The way I look at it, these ladies are paying for a once in a blue moon experience, and for the price they are paying, you have to be bringing it.

Now, I'm not so shallow that I think male companions all have to be stud horses that look like they're chiseled in stone. It is the woman's preference. Some like the rock hard look, some like the athletic look, and some may even like the natural look. The one thing I haven't heard them fancying is the soft, 40 lbs overweight look. So, with that, brings pressure.

My weekly routine, in a nutshell, is as follows: I get up in the morning and run 5 miles or swim, usually run 3 days and swim 2. I do weights for my upper body 2 days and lower 2 days. I try not to over do it too much with the weights, my goal is not to get too bulky, but to stay in good, tight shape. The abs are important and I spend a good bit of time on those each day. All in all, I probably spend 2 hrs. to 2 1/2 hrs. each day, M-F. To my benefit, my real job is flexible and run out of my home, so I don't have the conflict that with workouts.

The next thing, and most difficult, is diet. When I started this job, a few years after college, I still had not learned or even cared about a proper diet. Not only is it important for future health, it is essential for a trim look and healthy image. I didn't really go by any particular diet, sadly. My personality is to just randomly make up my own plan, and stick by it. I'm a fairly particular eater, so I had to do it this way. I cut out all the sodas(real or diet) and just started drinking water, and I eat 4 small meals a day, with grilled meats and vegetables, fruit, and no bread. Probably around 2000 calories. I burn a lot working out, so that is about right.

This blog is not meant to be a lesson in diet plan and workout regimen, but I mainly had it on my mind because I related this job to a professional athlete, in a conversation tonight with a potential client. I said, a pro athlete works all week, or even all year, for that next game, or that big game, in order to win the contest and eventually the championship. We, as companions, work hard all week and year, in order to make your evening or weekend, the greatest time you've had in memory. Well worth your money. An experience to remember.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The First...

For those familiar with the east coast, you will know exactly where this evening started... and ended. We admitted from the start it was awkward, some would even say it was downright uncomfortable. Should we just part ways, before the night even started? No, not this guy...and definitely not this beautiful woman. We were in too deep.

Checking my email late one night after a movie I attended with some friends, she emailed me with a job opportunity. We had been discussing my work history after college graduation, which consisted of simply four years, 60 hours a week, and nothing to show for it. Not even my student loans payed off. Oh, the life of a self-employed architect. I threw out a joke one evening, in mixed company, that I was so sick of my work, I would soon be stripping or turning tricks. She was in attendance and obviously took note. Her proposition was not for a trick, but a companion... Finally, something I can do that I have past experience in.

I had some preconceived ideas about what the job would entail, which caused me to have immediate reservations. My reply to her was short.. ' WHAT??' ..She explained her busy job offered her no chance to get out and meet a quality man. In her off time, however, she wanted the companionship of a guy, particularly one who is fun and down to earth. She had already inquired about using a service for a companion, then she heard me talking about my loans, and my job...I was her companion, even if I hadn't realized it just yet.

She decided on one of her favorite destinations, Savannah, GA. My east coast bias is plain, but it is a wonderful town. The downtown area is old and rustic, but it has a new appeal that never dies. The date was set for early April, three weeks away. A long three weeks, we both later admitted. A perfect date in many ways. For flower lovers, the beautiful dogwoods and tulip trees would be blooming fresh, for an added romantic scene.

We decided to meet in Savannah Friday evening, making the anticipation that much greater. I drove down early that day to look around. What a wonderful web she had woven. The B and B was a historic, colonial inn called the Hamilton Turner Inn. Lovely on the outside, from the precise architecture and well preserved structure, to the illuminating city that was within walking distance from the inn.

I did not eat all day because of a nervous stomach. I told her later that older women sometimes have that effect on me. The truth is, beautiful, confident women have that effect on all of us. I wore a standard charcoal gray pants with a light blue dress shirt, sleeves rolled up because of the unseasonable humidity. I sat in the lobby for an hour, dodging the honeymooners and tourist crowd, hoping to catch a glimpse of my date soon. She hit the door like a bolt of lightning. I love it when I'm meeting the girl everyone is staring at. Her strapless cream ensemble that came down to above her knee screamed 'I'm letting my hair down tonight', and did she ever.

We had reservations at the Elizabeth on 37th, highly recommended by the lady, I was taken back by the wonderful recipes there. We had a bottle of wine, my memory slips me now, as it has been nearly 2 years. It was a very smooth white though. Both so famished, we couldn't wait to have our meal delivered. I had the sea bass and she tried the scallops, then we shared a pie for dessert. Overall, a needed diversion for the upcoming tension that was building later in the evening.

Savannah is a great walking city, so I suggested we take a walk down to the river, along River St. We passed several of the town squares, making our way to River St. I stopped when we got to the boardwalk to look at the barges passing by, and I pulled her closer to me. With my arm around her waist, I kissed her cheek. After a little flirtatious banter back and forth, we made our way down the walk in and out of various candy stores and novelty shops. Holding hands, we walked at a much faster pace back to the inn.

In our emails leading up to this night, we had spoke about stress and overload of the every day grind, especially with her job. I suggested a massage, maybe even a long, hot shower would suffice. The night didn't end till we experienced both. The room, to the right, is the exact picture of our accommodation. We will never forget that evening. It was our first, but not our last. We've had a few other adventures, even that weekend, which may be told later. I am thankful she introduced me to this business, and directing some clients my way as well. Hope you will enjoy reading more, when the time is right.